Winning Women

Imagine Racing’s exclusive women’s horse racing syndicates – Winning Women!

Although not a completely new concept internationally, Imagine Racing aims to highlight women’s involvement in the horse racing industry by driving initiatives to attract women to horse racing for more than just the fashion and glamour.

Many people may have dreamt of owning a racehorse but either do not know how to get started or do not have the necessary capital to own a horse independently. Imagine Racing facilitates this through shared ownership; minimizing the financial risks while allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of being a racehorse owner! It is very exciting to follow your horse’s progress and going to the races is a great day out, a good excuse to dress up, wear a hat, sip Champagne and offers many social benefits.

While the industry has historically been dominated by men, women have and do play a significant role across all spheres but much of this is secondary to men’s roles.

Imagine Racing aims to promote the profile of all women across the industry through Winning Women:

  • Promoting women’s racehorse ownership.
  • Including prize incentives for certain races, for winning horses owned exclusively by women.
  • Championing industry awards for notable achievements by women in their areas of expertise.
  • Encouraging higher level participation of women across various roles in the industry from foaling barn to boardroom.
  • Enhancing the industry opportunities for potential career paths and skills education.
  • Creating a platform for women’s business networking and promotion affiliated to horse racing.
  • Creating a platform to promote our charitable foundations, with a particular focus on Beyond Racing, the initiative to reposition the demand for Thoroughbreds beyond their racing careers.

The syndicate fillies are placed with various trainers and most of the fillies will be leased for the duration of their racing careers. There are always opportunities to buy should the share – holders wish to.

Syndicates are made up of 10 -12 women, or less, as the individuals prefer. They will each share the monthly costs and share in any winnings, as well as the excitement and thrill of owning a runner in a race and hopefully leading in a winner!

In the words of one of the founders:  “Put your best Choos on and get ready for a lifestyle experience like no other!”

Imagine Racing Racehorse Syndication in South Africa Women