What to wear to the races

blueandwhitehorse2Going to the races is a perfect opportunity to dress up and stand out. While appropriate fashion could be debated for years, the unwavering theme for race day is elegance. Stand out, be quirky, make a statement with a hat or pattern and colour but keep it elegant and you will never go wrong.

Royal Ascot has taken it as far as restricting hem lengths (or should that be heights?) and strapless dresses or shoe string tops are not acceptable. Attendants are on hand to offer you a pashmina to ensure that you remain within the guidelines if you want to be anywhere near the grandstands.

Many race meetings have a theme which is always interesting to interpret and present in your own personal way, so have fun with it and make it unique.

Many people confuse the formality of the races with a cocktail party or ball but long gowns, reams of chiffon and sequins are best kept for those events. Dress length is a personal choice but keep it elegant and stylish and choose something that best suits your shape.

Shoes are often also a bit of a catch for many people and while a heel is elegant and elongates ones legs, make sure that you can walk in them and if you are going to be in a grassed area, stick with an elegant wedge or invest in heel stoppers. Both options are infinitely preferably to stumbling or leaving your shoes behind in the lawn.

The Horse Racing Lifestyle is, above all, about fun and excitement so enjoy the experience and stand out in the right way!

These are just a few ideas for your next race day: