Savouring the little victories!

Our heartiest Congratulations to all the winning connections in Mauritius.

Most of us go through life thinking that we need to achieve certain goals to feel successful and be happy, or we strive so hard for the big moments that we often miss the little ones and fail to appreciate and celebrate them.

As we say so often, the journey with horses is a special and thrilling one but is filled with ups and downs and while the big victories are incredible, the low points can be demoralizing and heart-breaking. However, along the way, we also get presented with smaller victories that we should never over-look.

The fact remains that horses are animals first and athletes on top of that, so set-backs do occur and learning to roll with the punches and accepting that there are things that happen beyond our control makes owning horses a little simpler. Passionate people are not always pragmatic but it sure makes life a little easier.

Saying that, the thrill of owning and breeding racehorses brings many moments worth savouring: Your first runner, your first winner, your first stakes winner and if you breed as well; the birth of your first foal, the sale of that foal, seeing them take to the track for the first time. All the while one feels like a parent watching a child grow up.

So, imagine our thrill when our first foal won in Mauritius last weekend. Out of a well-related mare who we found by chance, the whole journey has been exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking and uncertain but a great journey regardless.

To top it off, there are few nations as passionate about their racing as the Mauritians, so watching a little gelding that we bred in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands racing past the opposition to the roar of the crowd at Champ de Mars had us all quite choked – up. It’s these moments that count, that make us keep coming back for more and we can’t wait to see The Blue Streak’s half-brother debut later this year!

Imagine the Possibilities!