Our Service – Racehorse Syndication



Imagine Racing specialises in managing racehorses for individuals and syndicates. We act as your personal racing manager, offering a personalised and inclusive service.

The number of shareholders in a syndicate will be kept to a maximum of 10 but can be tailored to suit a group’s requirements. We encourage groups of friends to join together, or alternatively we will place like-minded individuals in a syndicate. This allows owners to enjoy racing as a group of friends and it also provides a great networking opportunity.

We also put together syndicates for businesses, either as a networking opportunity or to use as an incentive or reward. We promote the inclusion of your clients in the fun of following the horse and going to the races. This allows you to let customers become an “honorary” member of your syndicate.

Each shareowner enters into an agreement with the company to share in the racing career of each horse, the prize money and any proceeds from the sale of the horses once the syndicate is wound up.

The duration of each syndicate differs but generally lasts for a minimum of two seasons. If an offer to purchase is received, the horses may be sold at any time throughout the duration of the syndicate after careful consideration and consultation with the owners.

After the initial purchase fee, you pay a monthly fee for all the training and running costs of the horse and Racehorse Syndication.

This fee includes all training, registrations, colours for the syndicate, veterinary costs, transport, race entries and all administrative costs. You also receive two owners’ badges per share-owner. Payment may be made via monthly debit order or upfront, if preferred.

All we ask in return is that you commit to a minimum of one year in training with the option to review at the end of each year. If a share-holder does not wish to continue into the second year, a replacement needs to be found or the other owners can elect to take over that portion of the share. The decision on whether to keep the horse in training for a further year will be made in consultation with all the owners.

Any prize money is directly proportioned to the share you own and allocated to each owners account. Winnings are reported on an ongoing basis and prize-money is paid out quarterly or set-off against any outstanding fees.
Once the horses are sent to their nominated trainers, Imagine Racing acts as your racing manager in order to carefully monitor the progress of the horses. In combination with the trainers, each horse is managed in order to maximize its potential and future value.

In the event of the syndicate being wound up and the horse sold, the accounts are reviewed. Any surplus of income over expenditure is distributed to the shareowners.

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