Owning a Race Horse made simple

Imagine Racing makes your ownership experience simple by taking away the administrative hassles and allowing you to simply enjoy your horses and racing.

After your initial purchase of your shares in a horse, we calculate a monthly fee that includes training, nominations and any once off registrations and colour applications.

In order to race a horse as an individual or in partnership, you need to be registered as an owner and colour holder with the National Horse Racing Authority. You need to register as the owner or one of the shareholders of a particular horse and you also need to sign an Authority to Act giving the trainer the right to act on your behalf in the care and racing of your horse.

Basic registrations with the NHRA for the 2015-2016 season are as follows:
Individual Colour Application – R3300.00 This is your application to be an owner and to hold colours. This is annually renewable, at a reduced rate.

Partnership Colours – R4320.00
Registration of horse in ownership – R745.00 per horse.
Authority to Act – R745.00 per set of colours. This authorises the trainer to make all the decisions for the horse, on the owner’s behalf.
Set of colours – R900 – R1000 (once-off) These  are your selected jockey silks, unless the horse runs in Imagine Racing colours or the colours of one of the other partners.

Imagine Racing owners lead in Final Score )Solskjaer x Tribute)

Imagine Racing owners lead in Final Score (Solskjaer x Tribute)





Basic training fees for each horse, in training are from R8000-00 per month (depending on the trainer). In the case of shared ownership the bill would be apportioned according to the percentage owned by you.

The basic fee does not include the following  incidental costs that may be incurred on a monthly basis:

  • Veterinary work
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Physiotherapy
  • Farrier Service
  • Race Nominations
  • Jockey Retainer
  • Transport
  • Insurance

These costs are variable and again you would only be charged per the percentage that you own.

Imagine Racing handles all the administration and calculates the costs per share to present the share-owners with a single monthly bill.