Beyond Racing is an initiative founded by Imagine Racing to promote and publicise Thoroughbreds, highlight their successes as highly suitable sport and leisure horses and to promote their appropriate transition from racing to be well looked after, much loved and valued beyond their racing careers.

The ongoing campaign aims to combine all forces in the breeding and racing industry, sport horse industry, the National Thoroughbred Trust and animal welfare units to promote their care and highlight their suitability and successes as riding horses across all disciplines.

English Garden

The Thoroughbred Race Horse has been refined over the last 300-odd years through selective breeding and careful pedigree selection to the ultimate athlete that it is today. Bred from three Arabian Stallions and an original handful of mare stock, the Thoroughbred is bred to run and born to race. While racing may be their purpose, their inherent workmanlike nature, generosity and athleticism mean that they are highly suited to other forms of equestrian sport and given the right environments and grounding, go on to excel.ghly suited to other forms of equestrian sport after their racing careers. From three-phase eventing to show-jumping, dressage, polo and polo-crosse to wonderful hacks and companions, the thoroughbred is not “just a race horse”. Beyond Racing is a drive to reposition the after racing demand for Thoroughbreds, promote their transition from racing to sport and leisure horses and ensure that our Thoroughbreds are well looked after beyond the race-track.

Beyond Racing’s Objectives

  • To highlight and reposition the Thoroughbred as a highly suitable leisure and sport horse, thereby increasing the demand after racing.
  • To promote the success of horses schooled across all disciplines and to publicise and showcase their after-racing lives and careers. Encourage Thoroughbred owners to tell their stories on Face Book and the website, run profiles in various online and print publications. Parades and meet and greet at shows and race meetings.
  • From Pocket Power, English Garden, Fork Lightening, Imbongi, Mr Brock, Equal Image, Hunting Tower, Msasa Magic, Moscow Mistress, Perfect Trick, Heartbreak Hill, Dark Rider and JJ the Jet plane, there are so many successes to profile and people love to hear about them.



Msasa Magic

o   There is a strong potential market for well-schooled Thoroughbreds in Polo, Polo-crosse, Eventing and showing especially, with a lesser number for show- Jumping and lower level dressage, with this market having being over-shadowed by the popularised warm blood breeds.

By providing a platform to guide trainers and new Thoroughbred buyers we can potentially reduce the number of wrongly placed and ill-treated horses.

While we accept that not every racing owner is a horse-lover it is incumbent on trainers, managers and industry insiders to help to create an understanding and appreciation of the horse, encourage owners to get to know the individuals and to take some interest in their after racing careers. Without our horses there would be no industry!

The calibre, heart and ability of the Thoroughbred has seen many excel beyond their racing careers in show-jumping, three phase eventing, polo, polo-crosse, showing and dressage as well as other leisure sports. Beyond Racing invites all Thoroughbred owners to share the stories of their champs whether racing, competing, hacking or a beloved friend. From showing to eventing and many polo successes sold internationally, the Thoroughbreds continue to make their mark Beyond Racing!