About us

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Imagine Racing’s founders and directors, Catherine Hartley and Sandy Wilson, are two independent women with a passion for horses and racing.

“We want to ignite the passion for racing; helping new people to get involved by guiding and simplifying the process for new owners and enhancing their ownership and racing experience through inclusive involvement and personal communication and service!”

Catherine worked in the corporate world for over ten years as Marketing and PR coordinator for leading seed company, Pannar Seed,  and then for Investec Private Bank as the Dividends Rewards loyalty programme manager. Looking to expand her career interests in the equine world, she joined Summerhill Stud and Vuma Horse Feed as Regional Marketing and then National Marketing Manager for the horse feed brand.

Apart from current interests in racehorses and breeding stock she is an avid polo player, competing as a regional representative and playing internationally in both ladies and mixed tournaments, with a special interest in schooling horse off the race-track to become successful polo ponies.

Catherine’s focus is the overall business strategy, marketing, PR and communication.

Sandy also left a corporate environment after 12 years where she was Corporate Relationship Manager at Mercantile Bank and then a Financial Manager in the Fibre Optic industry. She worked half day for a top South African trainer as a bookkeeper. She is a competitive show-jumper and is the financial and administration director of the business.

Imagine Racing manages a growing number of syndicated horses in training. While we have maintained shares in some of them, we manage each and every horse as our own and liaise with the trainers on behalf of the owners. We set up everything for the new owners from owner registration to colours as well as Racing Association membership. We coordinate all the arrangements to view the horses and meet with the trainers, and arrange all race day hospitality. Owners are updated on the progress of their horses on a regular basis and where horses are not yet racing, we also send regular photographs to the owners.

The Imagine Racing team strives to promote horse racing and encourage new ownership, offering clients access to the best in the industry and superior personal service!