Buying a Race Horse



Whether you have never thought of owning your own racehorse or have always dreamt of it, Imagine Racing will help you make it a memorable experience!

There is little to beat the thrill and excitement of watching your own horse win a race! This lifestyle experience is not only limited to the very wealthy and the recent exploits of JJ the Jet Plane in Hong Kong show that four friends with R70 000 to spend and some luck and perseverance can take on the world and win! Buying a racehorse does involve some luck and should not be seen as an investment but it is also one of the most rewarding and exciting things to do and even more so with a group of friends. Following your horse’s progress and going to the races is great fun and offers many social benefits. Many people may have dreamt of owning a racehorse but either do not know how to get started or do not have the necessary capital to own a horse independently. Imagine Racing assists you to live this dream through shared ownership of a racehorse while minimizing the financial risks and enjoying the full benefits of racehorse ownership!

For a first time buyer and owner, knowing where to start can be daunting which is why Imagine Racing does everything for you. From selecting the horses and/or taking you to the sales, selecting the right trainer for you and your horse, applying for ownership, registering the syndicate, registering the horse and communicating with the trainer as well as arranging race day hospitality, we ensure that you only have to enjoy the experience. Basically, we act as your racing relationship manager.

Although most of our horses are bought, we do have opportunities from time to time, to lease a horse from a breeder, in which case there is no upfront purchase fee. An agreement is reached with the breeder for the duration of the lease.

Imagine Racing’s role in managing your racing experience is to help you to select the right horse, the right trainer and ensure that all the administration is taken care of while keeping you regularly informed on the progress of your horse. Our associations within the racing industry enable us to offer the best advice and assistance, while ensuring that we manage your horse’s career as professionally as possible and allow you to have as much fun as possible. 

Imagine the possibilities – Imagine Racing!