Racing horse ownership and syndication

“We want to ignite the passion for racing; helping new people to get involved by guiding and simplifying the process for new owners and enhancing their ownership and racing experience through inclusive involvement and personal communication and service!”

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Buying a Race Horse

Whether you have never thought of owning your own racehorse or have always dreamt of it, Imagine Racing will help you make it a memorable experience!

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Our Horses

For a detailed list and information on available horses and up-coming sales

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Racing At Turfontein

Imagine the possibilities - Imagine Racing!

Race Day Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend the races as a horse owner?

You too can share the experience for a day and feel the thrill of getting up close and personal to the horses and all the pre and post race action, while learning more about this exciting lifestyle…

Useful Information

Guide To Taxation For Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners & Breeders… View the PDF…

Additional Services

Since marketing and communication of horse racing is our passion, we also offer the following additional services…

  • PR and communication service for trainers to their clients

  • Hospitality arrangements on Race Day

  • Colours renewals, registrations and owner administration

  • Event Co-Ordination

Winning Women

Although not a completely new concept internationally, Imagine Racing aims to highlight women’s involvement in the horse racing industry by driving initiatives to attract women to horse racing for more than just the fashion and glamour.

Let’s Go Racing – Mzansi!

While socialising and dressing up are a big part of it, horse racing is so much more than just another social event to tick off one’s must-attend calendars.

The pure heart, athleticism and majesty of the Thoroughbred race horse stirs a primal passion in all of us and standing at the finish line feeling the thunder of hooves across the turf, one would have to be numb not to experience the pulse-quickening rush.

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